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10 Mile Brook Dam is Margaret River’s water supply. The trail starts at the picnic area – a well shaded area with some pretty walks. The dam is on the 10 Mile Brook – but most of the water is pumped in via a pool from the Margaret River, and from a bore about 3km away.

This run generally can’t be done July to Sept as it crosses the Margaret River via a concrete ford. There is also quite a lot of water over the track until about November. Even though this run is done on official trails that are marked, it can be confusing navigation-wise.

Most of the run is done on closed, old and maintained 4WD, with a few mild technical sections and a few reasonable hills.

Getting to 10 Mile Brook Dam

Drive east on Rosabrook Rd for 600m, accessed from the Perimeter road. Turn left on Glengarry Rd and follow the directions to 10 mile Brook Dam carpark. (about 7km drive from town)

The Run

Follow the directions to the Dam, and cross it. It is back along the direction you drove in on.

After you arrive back at the picnic area keep going along an gravel access road. You will soon see a left (1.7km), and head down it, across the Margaret River and up the other side. Turn left. You are on the Summer loop, and will be following river back towards Margaret River Township.

At about 3.3km you will come to a cross road – this is a centre of a figure of eight you will be running.Keep running straight (dont cross the river) and keep running west till 5km. you will change direction to north, and up a long hill. Ignore the turn to the left (To Rotary Park). You are now on the Winter Loop.

Run to the top and head right – now running east. Turn right at 6.7km (it is marked) and head downhill. You will run across that centre and over a foot bridge. From here you can follow the track back to the carpark. There is a left turn at the 8km mark.


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  1. Rod

    From 8km the track has been widened for fire control, and is a little untidy at the moment.

BestDec to May

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