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The Beer Run is located east of the Airstrip in Wooditjup National Park. With multiple trails that are easily accessible, the park is a popular destination for a wide range of users. In addition, The Beer Run is located near the 10 Mile Brook run and the Bramley run, and these trails can be combined for a longer run.

The Beer Run is named for the Colonial Brewery which is not far from here, and is ridden by moutain bikers riding from town to the brewery for a beer and back. Right! The trail is all old logging roads which have been abandoned, and now kept open by a mixture of horse riders and trail bike riders.

The trail condition is best described as being grungy. It is best to run anytime that is not too long after a storm, to avoid litter. The trail can be soft in places, and can almost be described as single trail. It is a lot of fun.

Getting There

There is good parking 2.8km down Osmington Road alongside the power lines. Osmington Road is about 4km north of Margaret River on Bussell Highway.

The Beer Run

The Beer Run starts about 50m east of the power lines, so double back to the bitumen to find it. Dont run along the power lines – you will not get far.

The first 1km is hard to navigate, and the rest is easy. After 300m avoid the fork to the right, and after 800m avoid the fork to your right again. At 900m avoid the fork to your left (It goes to a gate), and at 1km you come to an oblique crossing (slider image 1 – dont go left). Cross, and keep heading south.

You cross another crossing at 1.5km – keep going south. This is single track, more or less, and its great fun – especially the downhill which this mostly is. At 3.4km you hit a tee – turn left.

After 5.7km turn left and turn left at 5.9km again. At 6km turn right. This is delightful running (if not super easy), and is being kept open by horse riders. Makes it a little soft. No pushing prams here. Turn left at the end.

Run 1km west, until you come to that original crossing and turn right and back to the car. Get in your car and head east for a couple of kilometers and enjoy a ‘Small’ from the Colonial Brewery.

More Beer Run (Go Long)

There are a lot of options. If you look at the map, do not turn left at the 5.7km mark, but keep going. You will head downhill, then turn left and through a creek crossing and then left again and up the hill. You turn left at Middle Road and head back towards the official run.


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  1. Large branch down – just past the 3km mark. You will need to bush bash a little to your left. A rough trail will open up hopefully around the branch. Must have happened yesterday!

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Grungy single track on Beer run
Grungy single track on Beer run