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The Bramley run starts at the same place as the Jedi Run. It is not single track like the Jedi, and does cross the highway in the 100km/hr zone, which is unfortunate. However it is an enjoyable run, and makes a nice change from the Jedi.

Getting There

Travel 3km north on Bussell Hwy, and look out for a unsigned gravel road on the left (Just before Osmington road on the right). Park 300m or so down this road.

The Run

Run north on the Wadandi Track (it is signed) for 2.9km. Turn right and over a creek with ankle breaking gravel rocks as a base. Keep running towards the highway.

At about 4.2km you will come to the highway. The track is semi blocked – to stop vehicles – but cross here, and 50 meters to your right (south) you will see the track you need to take. Run here, around the fallen tree and keep running to you get to Tanah Marah Road (graded gravel). Turn left, run about 200m and then turn right.

You are now on a 4WD track heading south. Take the right fork, and you will soon have another creek crossing – quite deep in winter. You are in hillier and very pretty territory now.

Cross Osmington road and onto the gravel. Cross over the culvert, and take the second on your right – though it does not really matter which road you take. Run a relaxing last kilometer down through the pines (aerial image does not show them) until you get to the highway. Run right (on a track) to you get to the obvious place to cross the highway – you can walk back to the car from here.


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