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This is a running site right? What’s up with this walk? The truth is, some trails should be walked. If you walk this you will amazed at the great scenery, and be invigorated – if you run, you will moan about the soft sand, and be overly familiar with your shoelaces.

Which is to say this run is very technical. Tripping is certainly an option, and the sharp rocks will not cushion your fall much. You might tumble down the cliff.

The best way to walk this is to park the car at or near Conto Campgrounds and get a lift to the beach. Runners will want to run the whole way, as the last 2 kms is downhill on gravel and the very bit the walkers will avoid.

During Dec 2021 a fire burnt through here – these images were taken in Jan 2023 and show the regeneration – sometimes quite vigorous.

Getting There

Drive south on Caves Rd, until Conto Rd turn off (Lake Cave), drive down and past the campground turnoff. You are now on (corregated) limestone gravel. Keep going until the first turn off to the beach – that is Conto Spring Beach. Park.

The Run/Walk

In brief the run is to go along the beach (north) until the end, and then double back (south) on the Cape to Cape until you get to the road you drove in on, and then back along the road.

At about 2km you will come off the shore a little to run around some rocks. At 2.8km you will need to find the path at the end of the beach. Its only 60m long, so if you cant find it, you have to do your best.

At 2.9km you will meet the Cape to Cape, so turn right and follow that. In Jan 2023 it was quite overgrown here, and to be honest quite sketchy in parts as well. From here to about 4km you are probably walking at least 50% of this. The track gets better further on once you get to the top of the cliff, but can still be technical.

At 5.6km you get to the road, so turn right and head back to the car. This is all downhill and easy running


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Walking up the cliff