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Deepdene is a 7km long beach, inaccessable to 2WD (and tough for 4WD), known for its fishing and strong winds. Usually this is not much fun to run on, as the surf forces you high on to the soft sand. So if you want to run this pick a low tide day, with smallish swell.

It’s probably best to run this as a one way, starting from the 4WD track nearest the 90 degree bend on Hillview Rd (out of Augusta). That will put the wind at your back in summer. Another option is to be dropped off at the rangers access track to the Cape to Cape camp ground (roughly 1km down Cosy Corner Rd), and run down to the beach, and then north back along the coast to Cosy Corner.

However I have mapped a ‘rolling pin’ route, and the images in the slider reflect this run.

It should be noted that the coast from Cosy Corner to Deepdene is very rocky and scenic. The 4WD track out is quite steep.

Getting to Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner is south of Hamelin Bay, and the Cosy Corner Road is off Caves Rd. Park at the end.

The Deepdene Run

Take the track and stairs down to the beach, and run along the beach south until the end (500m). Clamber onto the rock ledge at which point you are on the Cape to Cape, and walk/run along the rocks and ledge. This is known as the blow holes and is very technical.

Follow the Cape to Cape signs to Elephant rock beach (1.5km) – merge right when you get to the sandy 4WD track. Take the track (C2C) off Elephant Rock beach (on your left) and just run along it until you reach the next beach which is Deepdene (2.5km).

Run along the beach as far as you like. Turn around and come back.

Take the 4WD track out, being careful of traffic, which will not expect to see you, and take the 2nd turn to the left (2km up), and back to the south end of Cosy Corner beach. If it looks good have a dip. (Which is did on the day I took these photos – 35 degrees!.)

Map of Deepdene Run

LengthYou Decide
TypeYou Decide
DifficultyUsually Hard
BestLow Tide

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Blowholes near Deepdene
Blowholes south of Cosy Corner