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This is a fairly easy and stunning forest run. Enjoy the Jarrah/Marri forest with patches of Karri. Mostly smooth running with only a few hills and obstacles. Trail is comprised of rarely used 4WD tracks and closed off logging roads.

Getting There

Drive south on Bussell Highway for about 15km. Turn right onto Sebbes Rd, and park on left, about 200m in, at the settlers memorial.

The Run

Head south, ignoring the track on your right at 300m (that is where you will end up), and heading more or less straight for 4km. Cross the creek (concrete bottom) and turn right. You have been on the old railway line, and is soon to become part of the Wadandi Track.

After another 800m turn hard right (almost doubling back), and through 1 of 5 gates you will pass on the next 1km. They are not blocking runners – only cars. You will run through the Jarrahdene camp grounds, and is a great place to start the run if you are staying there.

At 6km you will hit the creek again. Do not cross, but veer left and keep running north. At 6.7km, the track turns left and then right again. You are running on fairly rough old track – still very runnable though. You have been on the old Jarrahdene logging railway line.

At 8.2km you will hit a fork – in the slider titled “the road less travelled”. Take the right (but if you dont it’s just a slightly longer run.) You will quickly hit a gravel road – turn right. This takes you back to the start. At 10.5km there is a creek, and will be hard to cross after heavy rain in winter. After crossing, dont go right, but veer left keeping the farm in sight.


BestOct to June

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