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Jedi is all single track or narrow former logging roads. The run is quite flat though with a hill at the start, and some mildly technical sections. So what are you waiting for – you need to do the Jedi.

Getting There

Travel 3km north on Bussell Hwy, and look out for a unsigned gravel road on the left (Just before Osmington road on the right). Park 300m or so down this road.

The Run

Ignore the Wadandi trail, but take the next one north, just 50m or so west of it. Run north and then verge west (to your left). Despite the map showing lots of options, you mostly just follow your nose on this run. Turn right at tee at 1.3km, and keep going until 3.5km where you need to find the right turn. This one you can miss.

You are on winding single track, and at 4.5km you are spit out onto an old logging road. Run to about 5.8km, where you take a right at the tee – up a hill – and winding single track all the way back to the start. At 7.7km merge right and 8km merge left (or do another loop).

The trail can be muddy in odd spots in winter, but is still runnable. Look out for bikes (we are running in the approved direction). I have also seen walkers – and even horse riders.


BestSept to June

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