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Introducing the Meelup Trail

The Meelup Trail is a 7km trail, that runs from the far north of Dunsborough to Eagle Bay, close the to coast.

Meelup, which is roughly halfway along the trail is where these walks start. This gives two walks to consider – Meelup to Eagle Bay return, or Meelup to Dunsborough return.

Walkers should note that dogs or pets are not allowed into the park, and the trail is also off limits to bikes. Both walks are moderate in difficulty, with rockly sections, loose rocks, and eroded trail in some small sections. The Eagle Bay walk is slightly harder. Both walks are only partially shaded and walkers should carry water and wear suitable shoes. Take a camera – the views are worth it.

Whales can be spotted from various points along the trail in season. (Sept to Dec).

Getting to Meelup

From Dunsborough follow the signs to Cape Naturaliste and once on the Cape Naturaliste Drive turn off right onto Meelup Beach Rd. Meelup Beach is a calm swimming beach, with toilets and plenty of parking. It is one of the South Wests best beaches.

The Meelup to Eagle Bay return walk.

Walk across the lawn (left facing the beach), over a footbridge, and by avoiding both the road and the beach you will be funnelled onto the trail. The trail is quite well marked so the page will try to point out where it is not.

At about 1km you will come to Point Picquet. The trail has been very smooth to this point, but it is about to get a little rougher. Take a left, past the toilet, and across the road. The trail makes its way up a hill, and there are quite a few loose rocks, and more difficult trail. At one point you can’t see the trail for rocks, and you might think the trail goes down to the road. It does not – keep walking over the rocks and the trail will re-appear very quickly.

After 3.2km you reach Reidle Park, with the play area and toilets. Feel free to walk across the road and have a dip in Eagle Bay. If you like you can return by walking along the beach and then, when the beach gets too rocky, along the road to Point Picquet, and then back along the smooth section of trail to Meelup.

Meelup to Dunsborough return walk

The trail is easy to spot at the Dunsborough end or right hand end of the beach. You will come to Castle Rock beach car park after 1.5km then Castle Rock another 500m on.

Not long after you will go down onto a very small beach (Half Moon Bay) which is quite rocky. After the beach the trail is easier and after 3.5km you come to the end of the trail. If you keep going – about 600m along the road you will come to Dunsborough boat ramp, and main swimming beach. Maybe you will be lucky and the coffee van is there. There are also toilets, and if you are starting from here – good parking. There is not much parking at the actual trail head at the Dunsborough end.

Return the same way you came.

Meelup Trail Maps

TypeOut and back
BestAll year
Meelup to Eagle Bay
TypeOut and back
BestAll year
Meelup to Dunsborough
Meelup Trail
Meelup Trail to Eagle Bay