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The Possum Trail walk can be done at night with torches to see the most wildlife, including the endangered Ringtail Possum. This is also a great day walk – short enough to suit young or old legs. The walk, as described here, takes in a bird hide, the old school, as well as the Tuart Forest

The walk is marked with reflective red markers making this simple to navigate at night, and there are plenty of information on the trail explaning much of what you see.

There is a picnic area on the other side of the road. It would not be unreasonable to do the walk just before dusk to see the most kangaroos, have a short picnic, and do it again to see the night life the trail offers.

Getting There

The trail is on Layman road, about 2km from Bussell Highway, and 700 north and west of Tuart Rd/Layman intersection. You can park either at the trail head or the other side of the road in the picnic area.

The Possum Trail (and Bird Hide)

There are 2 walks – the one out to the Bird Hide (1.1km return) and the Possum Trail (1.3km loop). If it is the day it is worth going out to the bird hide, and on the way back, and at the end of the boardwalk take a left to observe the remedial work being done. Just follow the fence line around towards the road and you will see the old school and teachers accomadation. Go around to the front to read the information sign.

Walk back at the trail head (it’s in sight) and do the Possum Trail. There is a plenty of trail markers, and if you are lucky you will see a variety of wildlife – especially kangaroos. The open nature of the forest means you can easily walk off trail if you like (possibly not at night) and explore safely.


Possum Trail Map

Towering Tuarts