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During December 2021 a bushfire burnt through this area, and to the south end of Boranup Forest and east to Caves Rd. These photos were taken around December 2022, and show some recovery – especially the Grass Trees. It will take a few more years before the area is back to full health.

The run itself is quite tough, fairly hilly, with small patches of sand, eroded trail, and rocky limestone capping.

Getting There

Drive to Redgate Beach, which is south of Margaret River, and is one of the areas most popular beaches.

The Run

From the carpark follow the walking trail to the beach, and then to the other side of the beach. Look for the Cape to Cape sign, and follow the C2C track. At about 1.2km you take a right, and onto the loop.

Keep following the C2C until 2.6km where you will come to a tee. The C2C goes right and to the coast, you will take a left and roughly east. This is the Bobs Hollow track, and it is getting rough for driving! There is a lot of limestone capping.

At 4km take a left and into a long valley. In winter, and at the bottom there is some mud. Run up a decent hill, and just after 5km take a left at the tee, and then another left. If you were to run straight on, you would come in behind the beach, but the track is closed to help erosion.

Run downhill to about 6.2km where you join back up to the C2C. Remember to turn right and north (onto the stick) otherwise you are on another loop.

Finish on the beach – if it is safe have a swim (rips near the rocks) and cool down. 🙂



Perhaps a superior run is to run all the way to Caves Rd (do not turn left at the 4km) and run north along Caves Rd until the second track on the left and then back – remembering to turn left on the second of the turns that are close togther. Perhaps 9km long and is easier than the headline run. This is the run I normally do, and was done traditionally as the Solitice Run for the Margaret River Trail Runners club.

Another option is to combine it with the Contos Run (coming) – also popular with the club

BestAll year

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