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The run is named for a different Rod (not me), and the Trail Runners used to do something similar to this from Rod’s place. Rod provided croissants and coffee after the run, but I suspect if you do this run, you will have to provide your own.

The run is on old and nearly abandoned 4WD tracks, and runs through a surprisingly pretty patch of Karri as well as the usual Jarrah/Marri forest. It is quite flat and firm, with patches of mud in the winter and 2 creek crossing, but they are shallow. There will be some tree litter – especially near the Karri sections.

Getting There

Drive east on Rosabrook Rd for 1.35km, and take a right down a fairly well made gravel road. After 700m you will come to a crossroad – you are now on the run. Drive for another 500m – the reason is there is good parking on the left.

The Run

Run for about 500m and you will come across an oblique crossroad. This is a figure 8 run, and this is the crossroads at its centre. Keep going straight, and across a creek and the track bends round to the left, and though some Karri.

At about 3.8km you come to another crossroad. This is Wallis road (right heads back to civilization), but we take the left. This road is interesting because it looks – on Google maps – to be a plausible way to Big Valley Caravan Park, but it is unfortunately not. Turning a caravan around here might be challenging.

We stay on this road for about 600m and turn off left. This is missable. Follow this (it is white sand – quite firm) around to the left – ignoring a right -and downhill to about 6.5km.

Take a left (at a fallen tree) and this is where the track is abandoned by 4wds, because of a another fallen tree with a rough path to the right around it.

Run past the crossroads (centre of the eight), and follow the track without any drama, all the way to about 9.8km, where you take the right fork. It can be muddy in winter around here. Run to about 10.3km where you will come to the road you drove in on. Turn right and back to the car.


One response to “Rod’s Run”

  1. There is a tree down, on the drive in, on Walton Rd, and is annoying as it is awkward to turn.

    You can still run from there, or park at the end of the good gravel section of Wallis Rd, which is on the run at about the 3.8km mark. You can also park a bit earlier on Wallis, and drop in on to the run along the track that joins the run at 3.2km. Or come in off Rosabrook Rd, opposite the 10 Mile Brook turn off (4WD).

BestSept to June

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