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The Cape to Cape track going north from the mouth of the Margaret River to Ellenbrook is one of the best sections, and scenery wise is far superior to the section south to Redgate. It is runnable all year round provided you can cross the Margaret River, which flows quite strongly in July to Sept. (You can always swim across).

Getting There

Basically just drive to the mouth – which is just north of Surfers Point.

The Run

We will follow the Cape to Cape most of the way. Be aware that the track has been realigned, so the Google maps etc are wrong.

Cross the river (if it is flowing) and cross to the dunes. Find the trail, and follow it up and across the ridge. You will descend after about 1km onto Kilcarnup Beach.

Run along the beach (best at low tide of course) and at about 4km you will come across Joeys Nose beach. The nose formation on the cliff is best seen looking south.

Follow the 4wd out and now you have a decision. I am (and have mapped) running the 4wd road, but the C2C actually heads up and to the right on single track, and is too technical for me to run. Run along the coast to you get to Gnoocardup Beach carpark.

Keep following the 4wd track – now uphill until the C2C crosses, and rejoin turning left. Go past the crap pinacles and basically follow the track all the way to Ellenbrook. You will enjoy downhill for the last 2km through the valley.

Possible Loops

Usually I do this as a loop. From Gnoocardup to Ellenbrook you can run along the coast, but the trail is slowly disappearing. Probably best you run this section south, as you will not miss the trail off north end of Gnoocardup beach (what trail?)

You can, and I will never do it again, run the 4wd roads that get you from Kilcarnup to Gnoocardup, but are quite busy, sometimes quite sandy, and less than inspiring. You can run all this from the end of the sealed section of Kilcarnup Road (off Caves Road). The 4wd tracks that are south of Joey nose, and run close to the coast to Kilcarnup are closed and have been dug up.


TypeOne Way
BestOct to May

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