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This run is different to all the other runs on this site, as it is not a pure trail run. It attempts to join together a few trails around the ‘western suburbs’ of Margaret River. It starts at The Waterfalls, which is nothing to get excited about. However the run is pretty interesting. It is as much a site seeing trip than a proper trail run, though there is still plenty of good (and dodgy) trail on this run.

Getting There

From Margaret River, travel down Wallcliffe Rd, and then turn right into Kevill Rd East. Drive over a hill, and then past a green water tank. Then park just after in a carpark with some rocks, and at the waterfall (which will not be ‘working’ when this run is at its best).

The Waterfalls Run

Head west on the road , cross the bridge and turn off to the right on a 4WD track. This is fire access, and we will follow this track for 2km or so, and along the river. At just over 1km the track heads to the road and widens, find the single track on the right instead, and cross the log bridge. You will rejoin the fire access road, and follow it to the end, where you will dive down into a creek bed, and then across a lawn. This is all designated trail.

Take the road out, turn left at the top, along and up and turn right. You are now on Kevill Rd, and heading towards Wallcliffe Rd. Turn right on Wallcliffe, along the shared access path, and cross Wallcliffe near Caves Rd.

Run south on Caves Rd and then left into the first road. This dog legs, and after a few hundred metrs curves left. You head straight onto a 4WD track – known locally as Bog Rd. (Really Roxburgh Rd, but maybe Rockbora Rd?)

This road can get pretty wet in winter. Cape Mentelle Vineyard is on the left, and then Xanadu Vineyard on the right. At 7.8km, and after 700m of gravel you will see two tracks to the left, one with a gate (see slider). Run on the second – with the gate – and follow that around to the left, ignore the right (if you like) and then the track takes a right anyway.

Cross Wallcliffe, turn right on the bike path, and run down the hill. At the bottom, run left onto the grass and across the lawn (see image right) – do not cross the creek. This leads back to Kevill Rd – where you drove in on. Turn right on Kevill and up a big hill and down to your car.

In Addition

You can run Kevill Rd, with the bike path on Wallcliffe completing a 6.7km loop road run. It is almost car free and has 3 serious hills. Known as Evil Kevill.

You will see kangaroos on The Waterfalls run. Plenty of them, and on the drive in as well.

The road between Bog Rd and Wallcliffe is called Sandpit Rd and sand was once extracted. I only remember it as the rubbish dump which was closed in the 1970’s.

If you cross the waterfalls (in Summer and Autumn) and find the path out on the otherside (to your left a little), you will join up with The Creek run.


BestNov to May

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grass at 10km on the Waterfalls Run
Blue pole is the trail marker 10km