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You might wonder, given all the bush surrounding Margaret River, whether there was a trail run that circled the town. Well there is – sort of.

There is no good trail option at the south end, and the west side is a has a few too many busy road crossings to make this a classic. However everyone in town runs something like this, as it is just so convenient.

I find it is best to do this on a weekend starting at or before 7am to beat the traffic, though you could do it on a week day if you were a lot earlier.

The run, from about 3km to the 12km mark is just as good as any on this site, with plenty of good trail, including single track, several river crossings, and good scenery. All accessible for locals without taking the car (or bike) out of the garage.

Getting There

I have started this run opposite Yahava at the start of Andrew Way, where I normally start (it is near my house) and puts the boring bits at either end of the run. But by its nature this run can be started from many spots – it depends where you are staying. (Please check the map)

The Run

Head east for a few hundred meters until you reach the Wadandi Track. Turn right (north) and now run along here until you reach the foot bridge across the Margaret River at 5km. Note that there are about 6 road crossings, and about 2 km is basically a gravel footpath through the edge of town.

At the end of the bridge, turn right, and veer right again, and head back along the river (to your right) along some single track. Cross a gravel carpark and find the path along the river (on your right – dont cross the weir) until you reach the road bridge, and go under. You are in Rotary Park.

Cross the river by the footbridge and run out east keeping the river to your left now. At the weir (7.3km), cross again and keep heading east. From Rotary Park to the next bridge you are on the Park Run. You will see signs.

At about 8.8km you will cross another footbridge and pass the Park Run turnaround point. You are now heading north along a fence line. Keep heading north – all the way to 12km, dog legging to the left at 9.5km and crossing a major (but quiet) road at 10.3km.

At 12km turn right onto the bitumen (quiet road) and run back to the start. Perhaps a coffee at Yahava?


You can save 1km by turning off right at 4.5km and cutting through to Rotary Park. However you will miss the best bit doing this (and you might get lost).


BestOct to June

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Fence line 8.8km