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The Wadandi Track

The Wadandi is named for the Wadandi (or Wardandi) people, an Aboriginal sub group of the Noongar people. The Wardandi country bounds the coast from Bunbury to Augusta and inland to Nannup.

The Wadandi Track runs from Cowaramup south to Sebbes Rd and unofficially through to Vlam road near Caves Rd. It is mostly firm dirt or gravel, very flat, and well maintained. Other than puddles in the winter it is like running on the road, but without traffic.

Everyone runs it of course (and walks and rides it). However not many trail runs loop to it, so I have only used it on the Bramley Run, the Town Run and some of the unofficial bit on the Jarahdene Run.

The track eventually is going to run from Busselton to Augusta, and follows (mostly) the railway line that went to Augusta, but was closed in 1957.

Sebbes To Vlam

This is the unofficial bit, and it is very good for 4km. You will cross a creek, with a concrete ford, and then you will turn right (not easy to see in the map). Go for 800m and then turn left. This section is just a little sandy in summer in places, but should still be OK for mountain bikes.


I feel the need to justify the high quality score. Admittedly it can be too road like for trail, there is some actual gravel road, and there are too many straight sections. And it is amazing really. Wineries, farms, Karri, Jarrah, river and creek crossings (by bridge), and interesting scenery every where.


TypeOne way
BestAll year
Wadandi Trail with Amazen Sign
Amazen Wadandi

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