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In December 2021 Boranup Forest suffered a bush fire. I ran and took the pictures in the slider in January 2023. Unfortunately the trails are mostly still quite scrappy – except for those that are being used for the eQuads Tours. Still trail running is meant to be someting of an adventure sport and these trails – though not pristine are still runnable (or walkable).

The last 4 or so kilometers used to be single track, and used by bike riders as well as the runners in the Cape Ultra. It is now somewhat widened and is being used by horse riders, and is unridable for bikes I think. It is still quite scrappy to run.

Getting There

Park on Boranup Drive just near the intersection of Caves Rd, at the south end. Get there via Caves Rd, not Boranup Drive.

The Boranup Forest Run

Just run 100m along Boranup Drive and on your right you will see a bit of a clearing with two trails. Take the one furtherest on your right, the other is the return. Follow this up and along, until 1km. Turn left, and up just before the 2km point you connect with Boranup Drive. Up to now the running has been somewhat grungy. Turn right and after 300m turn right again.

You are now on a well formed road used by eBikes of the 4 wheel kind. So all easy running. The fires has exposed some cave-ins, common in this forest (see slider). At 4.9km turn left.

Run up, cross Boranup drive and at 6.4km turn left. Still easy stuff if a little up hill. At 6.8km go left again, and this is where the horse riders have softened the track. There are many sticks on the track making the running a little tough.

Just after 9km you are back on Boranup Drive again. Go right, and 200 meters go left.

At 10.2km there is a tee. I have mapped left, and this is a grungy and very scenic track. Trouble is it is steeply downhill, and is usually a lot of fun – but now is probably just annoying because of the sticks and even branches. If you want to finish off your run with a good fast section turn right and back to Boranup Drive, and fly down there.


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Boranup Run Trail
Start of Boranup Run Trail