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This is a real adventure run, and some of this was used in the Anaconda Adventure race when it was held in Augusta, and was billed as the worlds biggest adventure race. The run is actually better in my opinion than that run, and uses in part the bike section and the Augusta cliffs section of the Cape to Cape.

This is one tough run – easily the toughest on this site – with over 300m of vertical elevation, and has the biggest, baddest hill in the cape to cape region. It also has some technical sections and jaw dropping scenery when it is not raining, unlike the day I took the photos in the slider.

Getting There

Start at Skippy Rock car park, which is south of Augusta and on the west coast. The road is sign posted.

The Run

Run back out of the carpark, the way you drove in, and take the Cape to Cape track on the left. Run up and along until you get to 1.3km. This is the stick of the lollipop. Take a right, along a track that looks closed and a little sketch.

Don’t miss it. It is the only real mistake you can make.

You come out onto Skippy Rock road (gravel) and head left and uphill until 2.5km where there is a track to your left, and sharply downhill. Take it and basically follow that through some great forest, until 5.5km, where you will see a left, and a farm straight on. Take the left and you are on the hill that has broken many a person. This was used in the bike section, and is 1.5km and averages 10%. Most walked their bike up that hill.

Once you are at the top, take a right and run past the communication tower, for about 200 meters then turn left. (7.5km). You are running along smooth 4WD track, and back towards the coast. Soon you are heading down hill and you will get some stunning views of the coast. It is why we run it this way really.

Just past 9km you will see the back side of the Cape to Cape sign, and we take a left, and follow the track back to the start

In Addition

While you are there check out the beach itself for its intersting limestone geological formations.

More Adventure

You can, in exactly the right conditions get along the beach going north for about 5km and meet up with the Cape to Cape to return. The right conditions are low tide, small swell and the abilty to clamber a little. It is probably best to walk around the headlands by walking out onto the reef, so wear shoes and don’t take your phone. This is not a walk/run for the faint hearted, very few people will ever try this, and please do not try it in anything but perfect conditions.


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