Castle Rock Beach


This page is intended for beginner trail runners or runners not familiar with the region. Trail running is considered an adventure sport, and as such, and as with most sports, has inherent risks. Trail running in Margaret River is certainly not as dangerous or difficult as many areas, but care should still be taken.

The Weather

Probably the least of our worries. It is never too cold to run, and even on the hottest days it is usually comfortable running in the morning or evening. The biggest concern is the lack of shade on the Cape to Cape. It can get very hot running on the Cape to Cape and the coastal regions. Even mild summer days can be hot.

So don’t run on the Cape to Cape when it is hot.


Snakes are always a concern. Usually you will only see snakes on the coastal runs, mainly in spring and summer. So anything west of Caves Rd.

However snakes live everywhere – even in town – and snakes here do not hibenate so you can sometimes see them any time. I do not think snakes as a big problem, but care should be taken.

I personally do not to run Boranup in the spring, though I do not know how the fires have effected them (they are probably fine).


For most of the time, and on most of these runs, normal running shoes are fine, or even preferrable to trail shoes. I prefer trail shoes on those days when the trail might be wet, as I feel I get better grip. However it really is not that important – whatever you have or whatever you choose.


Or how not to get lost. This is probably the biggest worry for ALL trail runners. If you don’t know the trail it is easy to get lost. However this website attempts to solve that very problem.

You need either a phone or a watch with GPS. Print the instructions or print the map, and then you are good to go. The distances given to turn offs are fairly approximate (within 200m).

You should be aware that google maps might show trails that are not there (or are impassible, or are someones driveway), and dont show trails that are there. So do not rely on them.

Some Tips

Most of these runs are not very technical. However here are some tips with dealing with technical or hard sections or trail running in general.

  • When running over rocks, take less steps. Shorten your stride and try not to leap.
  • Dont leave the trail to bypass puddles. If you dont want to get wet feet, you are in the wrong sport.
  • Walk. Everyone walks something. Leave your metromone at home – if you walk the hills or rocky bits you can always think of it as inteval training
  • Do not stress pace. Trail running is slower than road running – even on reasonable trail.
  • Listen and watch. 4WDs will not expect you, and though there are very few places you will see one on the runs on this site, it might happen. Bike riders will also not expect you. Give way to everybody – though walkers will usually give way to you if they see you.
  • Have fun. Stop and admire the scenery. Take photos with your phone if you are carrying it.
  • Take water on hot days or on longer runs – a running belt is a good investment. You dont need a running vest for these runs.
Belt good for runs under 15km