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This run goes along the coast from Ellen Brook to Gnoocardup, and then back via the Cape to Cape. The only issue is, in parts, it is a bit hard to see the trail along the coast.

You can run this all year, with winter providing the firmest trails. Ellen Brook is crossable (usually jumpable) all year, as it is spring fed, and doesn’t seem to flood much. The creek at 2km – in my experience – is always the same.

Whatever the season, the first half of this run is tough. If you do this in reverse be aware the north end of the Gnoocardup backbeach to the track is hard to find.

Getting There

Drive down Ellen Brook Rd, which is off Caves Rd and south of Carters. Park at the homestead carpark. The run takes place in the Yebble locality, named for the Aboriginal Stockman (Sam Isaacs) who helped rescue the passengers from the SS Georgette.

The Run

Find the trail (C2C) to the beach, which goes through the carpark, and then, as the C2C turns north, you go south, as per the first picture in the slider. Find the trail behind the rocks (2nd picture) and follow that as best you can. It tends to be overgrown in parts, but not too bad.

Keep an eye out for snakes in season.

After 2km the trail seems to disappear into a small gully. You need to go down, cross the small (spring fed?) creek, and scramble up the other side. I think it is safe to say there is not a discernable path, but it is only for 50m, and through sparse scrub.

If you havn’t chickened out you will find yourself on Gnoocardup backbeach. Run along for 500m or less, crossing over to the foreshore itself at some point. (See slider).

From here it is easy navigation (if still not easy running). Run to the south end of the beach, out to the car park, and east up the hill on the 4WD track (take the leftmost track). At about 3.5km go left onto the Cape to Cape (not signed from the road), past the crap pinnacles and follow the track back to the car.

On sunny days the views at the top are amazing.


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