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The Cape to Cape , which runs along the coast from Cape Naturaliste, south to Cape Leeuwin provides many good opportunities for short walks. Perhaps one of the best is the short hike to Joeys Nose Beach from the mouth of Margaret River.

This 3.5km walk (7km return) is mostly along remote beaches with a small amount of cliff top walking. As it is an out and back you can return at any point, but the Joey’s Nose beach and cliff formations are a worthwhile destination.

Getting There

Park at the River Mouth, which is at the end of Surfers Point Rd near Prevelly Park.

The Walk

You can only do this walk from late Oct to late May when the river is easy to cross or not flowing at all. It is unshaded, and has some rocks and some limestone rock path, so wear reasonable shoes. Low tide is always a good time to do a beach walk to score the firm sand.

Walk north across the beach and find the Cape to Cape sign which will take you up the sand dunes. Essentially you will follow the coast, and there are Cape to Cape markers where you are off the beach.

After just over 1.3km you will come down off the cliff top (Cape Mentelle) and onto the Kilcarnup beach (1.5km). Kilcarnup is a popular fishing beach and 4WD destination. Keep walking on the beach – there are a couple of rocks to take you up and down a small ledge.

At about 2.8km you will leave the beach and onto a single track to skirt some rocks. On the other side of these rocks is Joey’s Nose beach – another popular 4WD destination. The ‘Joeys Nose’ is a protusion on the cliffs and is best seen from the other side looking south.

The Cape to Cape keeps going of course, and past Joeys Nose it leaves the coast and winds its way up the hill. We turn around and walk back to the ‘Mouth’.

Do not swim at any beach along the Cape to Cape unless its obviously safe to do so. Most isolated beaches are not safe to swim and the ‘Mouth’, Kilcarnup and Joey’s Nose are often not safe. If you do swim, stay close to shore, and comfortably in your depth in clear, calm water.

Looking north at Kilcarnup